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Our sportsbook solution allows you to provide your customers with a unique sports betting experience, a huge range of pre-match and in-play markets. Part of the package are multiple backend tools which will help you to manage your brand, the risk and all other key ingredients for a successful and tailor-made betting solution.


  • 65,000+ pre-match events every month
  • 40,000+ in-play events every month
  • 120+ sports covered including eSports
  • Risk management tools: Liability settings, Time-to-Live, Correlating Markets logic
  • Mobile, Web and Native solutions for iOS and Android
  • Cash-out feature
  • Bonus types: Deposit & Complimentary Bonuses, Accumulator Bonus, Odds Boost
  • Different odds formats: Decimal, Fractional, American & others
  • Extensive Back-Office tools

Keep track of important metrics and KPIs

Not only do KPIs – based on the collected data – translate your business strategy into manageable, operational actions, they are also vital to strengthen your employees’ morale and critical for performance management.

Our backoffice solution offers you a variety of reports, data and metrics which will help you to make sound decisions on a strategic level as well as to set out short- and mid-term goals which your staff can identify with.

Risk Management

No risk no gain? On the contrary - efficient risk management is a key component in staying on top of the game and identifying potential hazards along the way of climbing the ladder to become an industry leader. Our specialists who share decades of gaming experience have developed several state-of-the art backoffice tools that help you do that and let you choose the risk level suitable for your brand.

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