Frequently Asked Questions

The kind of stuff everyone wants to know!

How to open an iGaming Business

There are several ways to get this done. That being said, the strategies vary mainly depending on your budget. The following list is ranking your options on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the easiest and most cost efficient.

  1. Affiliate Business
  2. White Label Website
  3. Turn Key Solution
  4. Bespoke Suite
  5. Source Code Ownership

We will be very happy to share details on either of these options, just get in touch.

Is it difficult to start a Casino site

It can be challenging but if you do your homework, show empathy and willingness to learn, listen to those that have done it before, you’ll succeed in no time.

The most time-consuming element is everything that happens pre-launch. You have to set up the business strategy, do intensive market research and invest in an advertising campaigns once you are ready to go.

Can I buy the Source Code

Absolutely, it will have have a price tag attached to it but you’ll receive more than just code. Our team will transfer knowledge including all the business logic we had to create whilst building our business.

On piece of advice though, if you run a marketing company, buying source code doesn’t make you a software company, you have to have engineers too.

Are you offering Franchise Models

Some of our partners are happy to discuss a Franchise model with you in pursuit of growing their brands. Just get in touch and we’ll do the Nokia thing, …, connecting people!

What is a White Label

Check out our White Label Solution page and have a read. To cut it short, we take a ready set layout, apply your theme colors / logo and you are ready to rock!