Affiliate and Agent Systems

Premium Customer Acquisition Tools!

Affiliation - One Key to Success !


We are happy to grant you access to the market-leading affiliation software Netrefer, customized and branded to your needs.

  • Single UI – Through Netrefer you are able to manage all your affiliates through one interface.
  • Traffic Control – With NetreferĀ“s system you have the option to control and review all traffic sent through your affiliates.
  • Sophisticated Data – Your affiliate partners will have access to their own customized interface in no time and you and your partners are able to review all data.
  • Flexible Deals – Create CPAs & Rev Share deals customized to your needs.
  • Extensive Reporting – Reports and direct communication through the interface.

And of course, in conclusion you will get access to all our know-how !

Outstanding Agent System

If you have agents , thatĀ“s something you will love. Our outstanding agent system, branded to your label and full of useful gadgets.

Your agents will be thrilled by the simplicity and the speed they can handle their business with our brand-new application.

  • Multi Device – Available via desktop and mobile application.
  • Quick Access – Open player accounts or even new agent accounts through the application.
  • Instant Transfer – Credit and withdraw money to and from player accounts.
  • Fund Accounts – Credit and withdraw money to and from agent accounts.
  • Advanced Metrics – Agents always have full overview of all player account balances.
  • Full Insights – See all the results and even the gaming history.

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