Growth Hacking in iGaming: Tips and Tricks

The iGaming market is growing at a rapid pace. This is the perfect time to get a share of the spoils and in this guide, we’ll show you some growth hacking tips to help you do just that.

Get the Right Team and Software

Your software and your team are the foundation of your business and the most important part of your future success.

You need B2B software that can keep your customers happy, record key analytics, and offer actionable insights. You also need a team that knows how to read that data and take those actions.

We live in a technologically advanced age and if the software that supports your business is not scalable, responsive, and versatile, you won’t experience the growth that you expect.

Fast Fixes for Software Issues

One of the downsides of this technologically advanced age is that consumers don’t have a lot of patience for bugs and bandwidth issues. This is not 2002 and your customers are not using dial-up modems. If your pages don’t load immediately and your games don’t flow flawlessly, customers will start to leave.

Bounce rates increase substantially every time page load times increase, and complaints come thick and fast when games are buggy.

Give customers the opportunity to voice their technical issues, monitor your analytics, and keep your tech team prepared to make sure all issues are noticed immediately and fixed as quickly as possible.

Expand into New and Profitable Markets

New iGaming markets are opening all of the time. It’s not just about the UK, Australia, and Canada; opportunities are now appearing in previously untapped markets, including the US, Sweden, and Latin America.

The sooner you expand into these regions, the greater your market share will be. The biggest market share is reserved for businesses that act quickly and get there before everyone else.

Keep your ear to the ground to predict where the next big regulated markets will be and do everything you can to get your license and prepare your business. Fortunately, this is not something you will have to manage on your own as B2B companies and aggregators work with regulators and casinos to provide access.

Utilize Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Techniques

Marketing isn’t all about social media, Google Ads, and massive welcome offers. These are certainly a key part of the process, but it’s just as important, if not more so, to establish a foundation of SEO.

Search engine optimisation can be expensive but it also offers a high ROI. You need a knowledgeable and skilled team, a capable writer, and the perfect plan. If implemented correctly, a good SEO plan will propel your business to the top of the search rankings and provide you with a constant stream of web traffic.

It’s passive traffic, which in turn can lead to passive income. And when you consider how expensive marketing can be and how rarely it produces profitable outcomes, this is essential.

SEO changes all of the time as it needs to adapt to Google’s ever-changing algorithms. It’s important, therefore, to employ a team that keeps their finger on the pulse.

Summary: Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

There is no single tip or trick that will propel your business forward. Running a successful iGaming business requires you to master several different areas, carefully manage resources, and ensure that all customer needs are met.

It’s a multi-faceted, incredibly complicated approach, and that’s why this business is typically reserved for big brands that have the money and the reach to make it work, as well as the resources to devote to daily operations.