Time to Live

he gaming industry is fast growing. Morate and more new companies are given birth every year. Therefore, every competitor is trying to get the edge by expanding their offer. In sports betting, this means offering more events and markets for pre-match and in-play. Another must-have is having competitive odds and offering them as early as possible.<br /> This, however, comes at a cost. While it is certainly desirable to get an advantage over your competitors by going all-in at an early stage (ahead of industry standards) to attract new customers to your brand, the same time you risk attracting the wrong sort of customers which will have an impact on your sportsbook GGR.

In need of a tool to manage your markets? Look no further!

It is therefore absolutely essential for your profit to manage your trading offering in a proper and well-balanced manner. You need to promote your top margin events whilst offering a reasonable amount of high-risk competitions and markets. This goes especially for in-play.

Our new Time-to-live feature offers you just that.

  • Choose which competitions and markets to offer.
  • Decide when you would like to go live with which competition/market.
  • Define what you would like to offer pre-match and in-play.
  • Block risky competitions from being offered.