The Mediator

mploying a 3rd party trading software supplied by one of the biggest and best-known providers in the industry does give us as well as our B2B partners not only access to a huge range of events and betting markets but also comes along with decades of industry experience and trading expertise.

On the other hand, this means that as per default we are bound by their decisions (what to offer, when to show it, how to visualize it). Call us bonkers if you like but we aim to become independent by making our own calls. We have therefore implemented a new software layer that we internally refer to as “the Mediator”. It is acting as intermediary between our odds supplier and our website, handling the heavy data lifting upfront.

I.e. whenever you open the website, the Mediator will deliver the result at hand, without bothering our 3rd party provider.

Thus, we do have no delays rendering different view styles as we have the latest data matching a particular User Interface available already.

A secondary benefit is that we can actively manipulate the data we are channeling through the Mediator. Risk considerations can thus be handled without actually touching any of our partners internal risk tools.